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PRO SE: Latin. “For Myself”

Pro Se Divorce & Mediation Services, S. C. (“Pro Se”) is the affordable alternative. Either through mediation or limited service representation, I help you handle your own divorce, post-divorce and other family law actions. I take through the decisions you need to make, prepare your documents (for mediation clients, I provide you with Pro Se forms and assistance in preparation) and give you the instructions you need to handle your own divorce. It is your responsibility to obtain the required information and make the decisions. I make it logical and easy for you to make it through a family law proceeding. I provide help with:

Legal Custody and physical placement of children and proposed physical placement plans;

Child Support;

Spousal Support, Maintenance (Alimony) and Family Support;

Property Division;

Financial Disclosure Statements; and

Post -Divorce Actions, including modifying placement, child support and maintenance.

The emphasis in my practice is on cooperation and helping the parties or my clients come to answers on family law decisions that make sense, are fair and in the best interest of all parties, including the children. I believe the way to make these decisions should be fast and with less cost.

My Mission

My mission is to provide you with low cost and efficient divorce and post-divorce services. Contact me at at 920-980-7055

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